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Make ready your swords! And your shields! And your defenses! And your resources! And your magical shuffling tile board! And your... oh, just go ahead and pile it all on the pack mule... you're going to need it. Originally made for Ludum Dare, Glissaria by Arkeus is part RPG, part tower defense, and part match-5. You play Prince Trey, a young man sent to the edges of his kingdom to help bolster its defenses against the invading monster army.

Controls of the Game

Controls: Mouse = Build towers

Match blocks etc., 1-5 = Towers

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Use the mouse to match blocks to gather resources

Use the tower buttons in the bottom right (or keys 1-5) to build towers

Drag items to equip, target towers and drag gems to equip

Use the pause button or space to stop time while you build and equip

game review

This issues shouldn't be taken as nails in Glissaria's coffin, however, especially since Arkeus has shown every indication of continuing to change and tweak it based on community feedback. While there's no doubt that eventually this is going to be one of the internet's great time wasters, what exists now is still more than playable and a lot of fun to boot. With a remarkable amount of work behind (and ahead) of it, snappy addictive gameplay, and a vaguely retro aesthetic that will reel in the dewy-eyed nostalgic gamers (you know how we do), Glissaria is easily worth a look, and definitely one to keep your eye on.