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Legend of Pandora

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Thieves. You hate thieves. When you were young, your parents died at the hands of miserable arrow-tooting thieves. Your early start into misanthropy thus initiated, you holed away in the mountains, rather dark knight-like with no intent to ever leave. But, as with all things, adventure bites you on the rear when you least expect it and the smallest things—like a missed morning newspaper—can change a life forever, birthing myth and Legend of Pandora alike.

Controls of the Game


WASD = Move

J = Attack

K = Use

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Exploration is well rewarded although there seems to be shortage of treasures to discover in the dungeon crawling moments. It's a great rush to find them but of the occurrence of chests is rare and random enough to make their discovery less than beneficial. Smart training and money management make it possible to purchase the best sword in the lands before the half-way mark, so subsequent chests or quest rewards seem redundant after that. A variety of weapon training pathways—swords, axes, or bows—is appealing for diversity's sake although swords tend to be the easiest, most rewarded path while magic is virtually overlooked and not well-explained.

game review

Playing a game like Legend of Pandora in the browser is a treat. Ferreres' passion for RPGs also transmits over to the player; you can't help but get caught up in this nostalgic love of 16-bit graphics and questing zeal.