Large class changes in the addition of “The Battle for Azeroth” did not bypass the Paladins and the specialization of “Retribution.” Already in the book of spells you can see a lot of processing. The “Divine Steed” skill can be used once per minute instead of 45 seconds. Healing “Flash of Light” restores health after casting in 1.3 seconds, in the “Legion” the indicator was 1.4. Serious changes affected the “Avenging Wrath” skill. If before, he increased the healing and damage to the target by 35%, then the BFA changed the amount to 20%, but now it also increases the effectiveness of critical strikes by same amount. The buff time remains the same – 20 seconds. Developers have focused attention in the branch “Retribution” at the time of reworking different skills. For example, the “Blade of Justice” cooldown is now 9 seconds, “Justice” 10 instead of 11, “Crusader Strike” 5,2, not 3,27. Passive skill “Retribution” time was 20 seconds in the “Legion”. On the BFA beta test, the time is two times less. The new passive effect “Mastery: The Hand of Light” increases the damage of light magic by 33.23%. There are not many reworks, so you can buy powerleveling WoW safely for the development of high-level content Paladin.

In talents, changes are even more significant. The first tier was changed with the reworked “Zeal” spell. After using justice, the next three hits are dealt 50% faster with additional damage from light magic. The new passive skill “Righteous Verdict” increases the damage from the next “Templar’s Verdict” by 15%. The “Execution Sentence” also changed in terms of indicators. Now the caster instantly deals damage of 1,719 units, and all magical spells for this purpose will deal 20% more damage. In a tier of level 30, the new “Hammer of Wrath” skill is an active attack with a damage of 1547 units, it is only used under the “Avenging Wrath” effect or when the opponent has less than 20% health. In this series there is also the “Fires of Justice” and “Blade of Wrath”, which remained unchanged.

In the fourth dash of the “Fist of Justice” for each unit of used light energy, 2 instead of 2.5 seconds of the recharge time “Hammer of Justice” is restored. The skills of “Repentance” and “Blinding Light” remained the same as in the “Legion”. In the tier of level 60, the new passive talent “Divine Judgement” increases the damage by 15% from using “Justice” for each opponent struck by skills that consume light energy. Stacks the effect up to 15 times. The ability of “Consecration” has not changed in mechanics, but the invoked area exists not 12, but 6 seconds. In this series there is also a new skill “Wake of Ashes”, which in a radius of 12 meters in front of the hero damages enemies and slows their movement speed by 50%. The effect lasts 5 seconds, undead and demons are stunned.

In the 75th-grade, the new passive talent “Unbreakable Spirit” reduces the cooldown of your Divine Shield, Shield of Retribution, and Lay on Hands by 30%. Skill “Eye for an Eye”, as well as “Cavalier” in this series are without changes. Among the talents of level 90, the “Selfless Healer” is aimed at improving the recovery of health. After casting Justice, the Flash of Light skill heals 33% more and heals 10% more when used on allies, it can be stacked up to 3 times. The Justicar’s Vengeance spell has changed in terms of healing. In the “Legion” it was 100%, and in the new add-on the amount is decreased twice as much. The ability “Word of Glory” is reworked and restores the target to only three allies with the smallest health reserve within a radius of 30 meters. In the tier of the 100 level, “Divine Purpose” basically increases the characteristics for 25 seconds instead of 20. The latest new talent “Inquisition” absorbs from 1 to 3 light energy charges and increases the speed with damage by 8%, the effect lasts from 15 to 45 seconds. “Divine Purpose” has avoided recycling.

If you want to buy boost wow for the Paladins “Retribution”, you should make some conclusions about their changes. The class will remain strong and the players should not lose the desire to play it. New talents emphasize the unique hero to strengthen him due to the energy of light. The damage to one target will be as high, the situation is the same with AOE attacks. Some skills do not look competitive. For example, “Consecration” will rarely be chosen by players. Survival remained at the same level, and the function to save life of allies even intensified. Developers concentrated more on the balance of activation and recharging time, which may have some effect on the PVP component. The opinion is based on information from the beta tests and is preliminary. At the release of the “Battle for Azeroth” add-on, many parameters can change. In the following articles, we will review other specializations of the Paladin class.

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